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  • Show 4, episode 14 of Jazz in Carthage

    Show 4, episode 14 of Jazz in Carthage


    The atmosphere of this 4th show at the IFT (French Institute) is very special, a little hippy, with colored poufs placed in a circle around the fire through heated umbrellas. The scene is reminiscent of festivals like burning man or Coachella. And when Bumcello starts the show, it's spectacular.

    Their music resembles a cicada song, it is instinctive, free of any label, they touch everything, pop, rock, punk, funk, soul, metal, raga, electro, steel drums, world and rap, have fun mixing all genres, improvise, make musical creation a playground where they let their creativity run free.

    It's alive, in motion, always changing, in fact from the very first minutes, no one is sitting on the poufs anymore. Everyone is dancing. Bodies move as if they couldn't help it, even the most shy can't resist. Moved by this new music, the bodies seem to have their own will.

    Seeing them on stage is a complete and utterly unexpected change as well. Cello the cellist, elegant, all in sobriety, and Bum the drummer, punk, colorful with a bell hat, apparently totally disparate and yet surprisingly complementary. Attending their concert is like crossing a thousand landscapes, their music is both animal and sophisticated, an explosive and euphoric cocktail!